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Welcome into SU HA RI school of Wadoryu Karate-Do Australia web site

member of Academy Wadoryu Karate Australia   

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to 

Wado ryu Karate-Do,with the history and the idea of  the founder: Hironori Ohtsuka  Sensei  

 and Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei 8th Dan 

                               The dojo is led by

          Roberto Chirizzi Sensei 6th Dan.

 In this site you’ll find some news about our dojo,

with information about the location, our training, and some notes concerning to   the Wado Ryu.

The Wadoryu section  illustrates the history of our style and of his founder, Hironori Otsuka Sensei.




Other sections are dedicated to  

Suzuki Sensei 8Th Dan .

It is difficult to summarise what differentiates Wado Ryu Karate from other styles. The main difference is that in Wado Ryu karate there is no block of an attack as a means to itself, but block and attack at the same time as our opponent attacks.
To do this we use the principles of Nagashi Zuki, Tai Sabaki and also Nagasu, Inasu and Noru.
The last three terms are important movements of Wado Ryu.

Su Ha Ri is a term the Japanese use to describe the overall progression of Karate training.

Su Ha Ri is a term the Japanese use to describe the overall progression of Karate training.SU: indicates that a beginner must correctly copy all karate techniques from his instructor.

HA: means that after a number of years of training, when the karateka has attained a high degree black belt, he is allowed to develop new techniques provided they are improvements. This applies to all movements with the exception of basic techniques.

RI: is the highest form. It means that after an even longer period of training than for HA, the Karateka must be able to perform all forms of karate automatically, not stopping to think about his moves.

 Academy Wadoryu Karate Australia


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